Developing a Higher Education Curriculum in SET Teaching or the Health Protection and Promotion of Intellectually Disabled Individuals

for the Health Protection and Promotion of Intellectually
Disabled Individuals

The Benefits

The most important innovative aspect of this project is that the curriculum will be developed in a way that will enable the acquisition of knowledge and skills with multiple tools and resources (including the coursebook, teacher guide, assessment tools, lesson plans, e-learning module).

Teacher guide

Lesson plans (face-to-face, online), knowledge test, course book, teacher guide will be prepared to complement the curriculum.

Dissemination activities

Dissemination activities will start right after project is approved. The the project results will be collected, will be carried out when the curriculum and e-learning module are prepared.

Assessment tools

All the project outputs will be prepared with the participation of all partners cooperatively

The target groups

The main target group of the project are SET in the partner countries, specifically interacted during the project practice. In addition, a group of participants consisting of academicians, special education teachers from each country, and stakeholders working directly or indirectly in the field of HP and HP will also participate in the implementation of the project.

THID Partners

Duzce University

Duzce University (DU) stands just in the middle of two major cities of Turkey, which are namely İstanbul and Ankara. Duzce located between…

Masaryk University

Masaryk University (MU) is the second-largest public university in the Czech Republic. At present it comprises ten facultieswith more than 200 departments, institutes…

Sakarya University

Sakarya University was founded in 1992 and currently has 6 institutes, 13 faculties, 2 higher schools, 2 vocational higher schools and 36 research…

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